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Accessories packs coming soon !

Posted On January 8, 2018 at 2:58 pm by / 1 Comment

Thanks to our customers, the first accessories packs can become a reality soon ! Yes, Premium customers and people who ordered after Tossa Tossa’s release allowed us to launch the production of the accessories packs compatible with both Regular and Deluxe editions of Tossa Tossa !

The set will include :

  • 1 new head with new hair, beard, new eyes colour, cap
  • 1 pair of flip-flops
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 pair of sunglasses for the new head
  • 1 pair of view glasses for regular and DX heads
  • 1 new penis (erected)

The Hot Summer set will come in two colours !!! One is called the “Juicy beach” set and the other “Plumber’s beach” set. Hey ! of course you need an image of one of the most anticipated items ! Here is a first look at Tossa Tossa’s boner !


We will reveal all items in February and take pre-orders on the online store at Release and shipping should happen in the end of May ! We will need you all to help us fund this and hope you will all love what you see !
In the meanwhile we send you all many bear hugs !

The OCF team

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