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Tossa Tossa final sample unboxing and other announcements

Posted On June 13, 2017 at 7:42 pm by / 7 Comments

Hello everybody !

Here is a video showing what I had to tell you all on social networks !
You can see an unboxing of Tossa Tossa, get explanations about the challenges we had to face to convert the prototype into a production figure and discover the accessories pack.


We apologize a million times for the dealy we announce in the video. Tossa Tossa will likely ship in the end of august or beginning of September because we still have about 40 days of mass production to go through and one month of boat to wait before he arrives in our facilities.

As many of you are preorder customers, check the Out Collector Figures Premium  Customer card you will get with your order in the video. It gives you a 15% discount in our shop for a lifetime ! This is the best way to thank you all for the trust you had in us since the very beginning.

More pictures of the accessories pack items to come soon !

Bear hugs to all !

Patrick G.


7 thoughts on “Tossa Tossa final sample unboxing and other announcements

  1. Ciao,ieri sera ho ordinato il mio Tossa Tossa edizione delude, posso sapere quando arriverà?spero di riceverlo presto,prima del giorno del mio compleanno il 14 Luglio!!Grazie e complimenti per tutto quello che state realizzando!

  2. My dear Vincenzo,
    Due to factory delays, final improvement of hair parts joints and penis clipping part, Tossa Tossa will be delivered in the end of the summer. We apologize so much for this but we really wanted to make him as great as possible. July is the last month of Mass production but we also have to wait for the boat to arrive and it takes between 20 and 30 days… I remind all preorder customers they will get a 15% on all our future products with their premium card. Please watch our video on Youtube or follow the link of this news. Bear hugs to all, Thanks a million times for your patience, support and kindness. I can say all your customers are awesome and I send bear hugs to all. I keep you informe on IG and FB of course !
    – Patrick

    1. Hey Patrick,

      I just wanted to check with you that the option to change shipping address will be allowed before you ship to us? Since my original order I have changed address, I don’t want my orders to get lost.
      Thanks and Much Love,

  3. Bit disappointing that everything is aimed at the people that pre order, I did kick starter but forgot to pre order and get none of the perks 😭

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