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Tossa Tossa production news

Posted On April 6, 2017 at 10:29 am by / 5 Comments

Hello Tossa Tossa fans !
Just a little message to remind you all Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy is a pre-order item (started in december 2016 only)  and its realease date will take place in the very end of spring. You may all know that Chinese New Year was during a month (mid january to end of february) and all factories in China stopped working. This happened during the concept of the massproduction Tossa Tossa prototype and we still have to be patient to get our little guy home…

You know we will never have enough words to thank you for your trust and love for Tossa Tossa. We ask you keep us all your friendship and stay tunned. We will soon control the first samples and hope to give you news on the website and on social networks. Remember making a figure takes a year from concept artworks to final  product and Out Collector Figures will not escape this rule ! Of course this is possible only thanks to you !

We know many of you have been first times supporters in last December and we thanked you with the “bearhug” coupon. Believe in us as you did since the beginning ! May the bear force be with us !


We have worked as fast as possible with the factory on articulations, cutting and moulding. We have to adapt a resin prototype to a PVC articulated collector figure and it requires engineering. We are now making the metal moulds of the figure and will start injection tests as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, we are looking for fabrics to match the prototypes and even if there might be small changes like for any toy, we should be close to what we showed. The factory has to find similar details we used and it is not easy.

Please take a look at rotating arms, ball jointed heads. We inform you privates will also be swappable !


Boots are also a challenge. Have you noticed all dolls have tiny feets with low details ? It is because putting shoes on detailed feet is very difficult. Thank to a soft material and clipping part, we should be able to get our original sculpt fit the final figure !


Factory fabric samples are very close to our prototype, we hope to see assembled outfits soon. We already know tiny buttons may be white on the final product, there are compromises we have to accept…

We know we are a bit late now with our production and we apologize to all customers who place preorders and trust us since the very begining. We work as hard as possible to make the best product possible and will show a final sample soon. There are still many things to check to get to what we want but we will make it !
Your friendly messsages on social networks, kind emails, sweet reactions to our artworks make us so happy. Without you nothing would be possible and it is because you believe in us Tossa Tossa can happen. We will never forget that and all people who have preordered Tossa Tossa will get a special status in the future. If we do good with other products, we will think about a premium member card.

We also can’t wait to send your dolls at home to show you what is next. Thanks to you all and new customers to come, we will get to the 1st Tossa Tossa accessory pack ! We can already let you know it is about a hot summer on the beach ! All swappable parts of the doll will get a new version !

Once again, we thank all our customers for their preorders and fans for following us. Please be a little more patient with us as we shall pass all steps of mass production. We need a maximum of support and think of you all every day.

– Patrick Grange and the Out Collector Figures team


5 thoughts on “Tossa Tossa production news

    1. We will probably show a teaser but we would like to open the preorder once the pack’s production has begun so that the wait is shorter. All will depend on budget matters ^^

  1. Well i will say that is no Problem here in the us, i already stared getting word out about Tossa-Tossa on facebook pages and so on he will be very popular both herein the Us and Europe with the Muscle-Bear Community and the Gay Community in general he is our hot new gay doll and i’m ready to add him to my collection.

  2. Hey Team, do we have any further updates on production this month? We are fast approaching June and I’m still super excited to find out when we will finally get our paws on this exciting new line?

    1. Hello Gary ! I just come back from China and next week I do a live on Facebook to inform you all about what happens. Many things to tell you all my friends ! (not all awesome but not that bad :D)

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