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Tossa Tossa V.2: Updates about shippings

Posted On September 30, 2022 at 2:45 pm by / 19 Comments

mail_cover Tossa Tossa v.2 bundles and Regular Editions’ shippings will be delayed…

Dear customers, you may know we finally received the Tossa Tossa v.2 figures from China yesterday after a month of boat transport.

During an opening, we have discovered all Regular Editions of Tossa Tossa have been touched by a major problem : The shorts stained on the bodies and left black dots or lines on the body in spite of a thick plastic sheet protection.

This is not something we can accept and even if it is a shock and a hard decision, we have decided to delay your preorders shipping to send you an additional replacement body.

Our factory has already been contacted and we ordered a new mass-production of bodies. We will satisfy our customers at all costs. We hope to receive the new bodies around the beginning of December (the time to make the bodies (in October) + 1 month of boat transport again)…
The time we need is the main problem and we worry for our customers. Please believe Out Collector Figures is a serious firm. We will need your strongest support.
Since the very start, Out Collector Figures only exists thanks to its faithful fans. We are conscious all of you ordered Tossa Tossa V.2 and it is heartbreaking to make you wait more.

That is why we apologize for such a misadventure and will offer you additionnal items:
– 1 free Tossa Tossa v.1 outfit OR – 1 free Tossa Tossa v.1 DX Edition Onesies/Pyjama.
– 1 free pair of Tossa Tossa v.2 green boots (new item).
– 1 free Hot Summer Juicy Beach accessory pack.

20220930_112843All orders containing a Regular Edition Tossa Tossa v.2 or a bundle will receive all these items + a replacement body.  

**** Please note orders containing only DX Edition Tossa Tossa v.2 are not concerned by this news/mail and will ship ASAP witout special gifts****

Final note from Patrick (owner of Out Collector Figures) : 
Please believe this event has really been lived as a disaster for me. Of course, it will cost a lot to my firm but if my activity was only about money, we would not have been making hot guys figures for so long. What I can’t accept is the fact I may disappoint you. Therefore, I hope all of you will understand the situation and support me in this terrible event.
Today, I cannot do much more than thanking you again for your patience and support and reacting to send your orders as soon as possible.
I am concious it may not be enough for some of you, so you can write to me to find a solution at

Kind regards to all
– Patrick Grange

19 thoughts on “Tossa Tossa V.2: Updates about shippings

  1. Thanks Patrick!!
    No problem for me, I will wait as long as necessary!!! Wey love Tossa Tossa!!we are loyal followers, why we love the products we have had in our possession
    Greattings From México!!

    1. I, too, understand all you are going through. I will patiently wait for the new items. Thank you for keeping us informed of the situation.

  2. I am very sorry for what happened, I was very excited to receive them this month since they are my first boys. But don’t worry, we will know how to wait, we are all adult collectors and we understand that these things can happen. I am very excited about the extra gifts that we are going to receive!! The summer set is beautiful!!
    Please please don’t worry, we still supporting this wonderful project.!!
    greetings from las vegas!

    1. I feel blessed to have such a community. Here, on social networks, mails, you are so all supportive and kind. It is fantastic. Let me do the best for you all !!

      P.S: I would love to visit Vegas ^^

  3. Not a problem Patrick. We love your guys and I’m happy to wait. Silver lining to every cloud and the extra gifts are a very lovely touch by an amazing company. We’re supporting you all the way. Kindest regards x

  4. This is super sad news! Bobby and Otou have been patiently waiting for their new friend and brother to arrive, but a Christmas surprise will be just as good! I am continually impressed by your attention to detail and customer service! Thank you so much for letting us all know and doing something amazing for us every time we order from you! I’m excited to get my new guys and goodies whenever they are ready! Take a deep breath as I’m sure you’re really stressed by all this! Your fans are here and we aren’t going anywhere!!

      1. Thanks Patrick! I hate that this has to be something you’re dealing with! I hope you are doing well and everything else goes smoothly!

  5. Understood. Definitely I can wait. It was a tough decision but you’re looking for the best to us, your customers, so it’s comprehensible whatsoever. Thank you for letting us know and keep us in the loop.

  6. I have been a fan since the beginning and I trust you and your company so much that I know you did the right thing by sending them back. I stand with you and please don’t stress. Things like this happen and don’t give up. Your art and your vision brings joy to our gay hearts.

  7. We got our order a couple of days ago on Christmas Eve. It even came with an extra doll outside of the box. I guess its salvage from the first batch. It looks greats as usual. Cant wait to see what’s next from you guys.

  8. I am Thailand. I don’t know. Do you ship to my country?
    Because I want so much. i love your work.

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