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What to expect soon ?

Posted On July 4, 2019 at 5:59 pm by / 27 Comments

Dear customers and fans,

Many of you ask us what is coming next… To answer this clearly, here are the next products to arrive:

• Meow Meow My Kitty Friend (600 + 300 pcs worldwide)
The black cat guy is still in the works. Now in production in China, Moulds will be finished in late July, then production will end in late September. One month for boat transportation and formalities let us hope for a delivery in November!

Preorders will open in August when factory samples reach us!

Meow Meow still comes in 2 skin tones: Caramel and Chocolate. Each edition offers the same outfit (overals and T-shirt). They will have different hairdos but the same face. Eye colours will change for each face. Each Meow Meow edition comes with 2 genital types.

• Otou Tossa My Little Bro (600 pcs worldwide)
Made at the same time as Meow Meow, Otou Tossa, the younger brother of Tossa Tossa will be offered in late 2019 on preorder. The figure uses the same body as Meow Meow in a white skin tone but has its own head and flacid genitals sculpts. The erected genitals will reuse the ones of Meow Meow as a bonus item. Otou Tossa’s outfit will be made in our Colombian workshop and we may offer 2 different types.

• Hi Guys! OCF Fine Art Statues
This new line of 1/6 scale resin statues will start with Tossa Tossa himself! “Tossa Tossa Way of the Samurai” will feature a brand new sculpt by our beloved sculptor “El Iguana de la Muerte” who did the best job ever! Gone in Japan to learn how to cut trees with a single Katana slash, Tossa Tossa is sexier than ever, dressed with a kimono, a fundoshi and a pair of gettas! Reveal and preorders may happen in September!

The Hi Guys! OCF Fine Art Statues may continue with other characters from Patrick Grange and with other artist’s creations. We will wait to see how successful the line is.

• A new doll for 2020!
Another guy is already sculpted and ready to go in production! This one is the result of the fan’s choice poll we did some month ago. Some of you already know what animal this one is! We may offer 2 editions for him too! Stay tunned to know more about him!

As usual, communicating a bit about future projects is another opportunity to thank you all for your fantastic support. The Tossa Tossa community is awesome on social networks and everywhere else and we will always do all we can to make you happy and bring more sexy men to life!

Bear Hugs to all!



27 thoughts on “What to expect soon ?

    1. The clothes are not removable. The statue is made of polystone resin and meant for display only. We have made the choice of no interchangeable parts to allow the best aspect possible. Silicon moulds for resin may not offer the best swappable options in terms of perfect assembly.

  1. I’m BLOWN AWAY by the craftsmanship of TOSSA TOSSA and can’t wait for Kitty and my little bro!!! You guys are making GAY TOY HISTORY, and I’m sooo here for it!!! Kudos and love!!!

  2. Hello…I know Meow Meow is the next big thing but have you any news/teasers for Outo Tossa & Bull guy ( has he have neme yet ?) 😉🌠

  3. Received my Kitty Combo today and they are beautiful! At first I questioned the full body wrapping, however it makes you take your time to inspect and enjoy the quality of work even more. Well worth the wait for both Meow figures!! Thanks

  4. Received my Kitty guys. Will order figures as they are released. Very disappointed to miss out on the first Tossa bear guy, hopefully you’ll do a second production run on it. Thank you 🐻

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