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My Blue Bear Edition are available for preorder !

Posted On January 25, 2019 at 3:52 pm by / 13 Comments

Hello OCF fans !

As you may know, A new Tossa Tossa edition is coming ! Preorders are opening  for a shipping in late February.

Tossa Tossa My Blue Bear is a limited version of our favourite bear guy with tons of new stuff. He comes in two editions, Regular and Deluxe. It results in two brand new heads colour ! Of course, My Blue Bear has a blue hair head but white hair and a white beard are also a perfect match with the new outfit !

Blue Tossa Tossa looks sideswards, isn’t over cute ?!

Tossa Tossa has always had a kawaii aspect with his bear ears even if some people did not understand how he could have four ears. His new wings are a new kawaii reference and it is so cute with a harness ! Sexy yes but still cute !

You will be able to note the wings are removable thanks to snaps, so people who want a more realistic guy may use a “wingsless” harness with a Hot Summer pack head. The harness and Jockstrap are made of elastic materials for an easier adaptation. It is very easy to put or remove as you just have to make it slip on the arms and legs.

blue_dx (4)

The socks are also a cool addition to a Tossa Tossa collection, it will totally be compatible with the orginal timber outfit of the first editions !

We really hope you will all love this limited version of Tossa Tossa. Please note only 150 pieces of the Regular Edition and 150 pieces of the DX Edition are available, so don’t wait too long before ordering !

Once again, thank you to all OCF faithfull customers. Without you nothing would be possible !
Bear hugs !

The OCF team

13 thoughts on “My Blue Bear Edition are available for preorder !

    1. New dolls will come! All editions are limited so Tossa Tossa Blue DX will never come back for example. We may have a few other models left in stock but after these are sold, none will come back.

      1. Hi. Do you have any of the leftover models still available for sale? Can you please advise what’s available and the prices.

      2. Breaks my heart. Why must they never come back? How about those of us just now discovering this awesome doll?

  1. Hello (not even sure if you are reading this), I saw your bear doll and instantly fell in love. I searched the web desperately trying to find a site that still sells them but without success.

    It’s so sad that these beautiful dolls will never come back. The following dolls (cat and little bro) are not to my liking tbh and also the samurai bear guy is just less interesting cause of the lack of customization options and the more “special” pose.

    Obviously I’m not the only one who fell in love with the original and the blue Tossa Tossa Bear (judging by the comments). I’d buy all the accessory packs in a heartbeat (both summer packs look awesome) but since the base doll is no longer available…well…

    I know there’s nothing I can do and I already wrote to much but yeah I’m super sad that this beautiful doll will never be available again, despite the obvious demand.

    Sad kudos to the creators!

  2. I have missed out the pre order for tossa tossa blue which I like as now is year 2020. Will you reproduce new tossa tossa but in different outfit perhaps? I really hope you can produce new production of tossa tossa. Maybe this time with flat and retain those muscular six pack which I love and hope have the opportunity to purchase. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

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