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Meow Meow’s Kickstarter campaign

Posted On September 1, 2018 at 12:02 am by / 5 Comments

Hello everybody !

As you may already know, we have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Meow Meow My Kitty Friend, our second doll. This sexy guy comes in 2 skin tones to make everybody happy !

Check out our Caramelicious and Chocolicious editions !


This second character requires a huge investment because of his low runs and high quality expectations. He also has more articulations as requested by customers and people who follow us on social networks. We have added ball joints to shoulders, hips and knees articulations. Specialized in making action dolls, our factory will engineer the best articulations possible but this has a cost. Also because the body is made of several pieces, there are more moulds to make.

We have choosed to offer the best price on Kickstarter, free shipping on combo packs (only for Kickstarter) and valuable stretch goals such as a new head for Tossa Tossa (only for Kickstarter, My Blue Bear head will not be for sale) !

What  you cannot see on our Kickstarter page is here ! Please take a look at uncensored pictures, at the great body parts and privates of Meow Meow My Kitty Friend.



We also add the clothed pictures of the prototypes.

Finally we have to tell you the pictures present a hand painted prototype with hand made eyes and clothes. The final product may vary. Eyes will become a flatter surface allowing our factory to padprint (stamp) the eyes. It will therefore look less starring, softer and not shiny. We may also choose slightly darker colours for eyes.

Please also note shoulder joints will be modified to allow more movements. On the prototype, arms cannot lift forward so our factory will engineer new joints. Visually, it will just create a straight joint between the shoulder and chest instead of the V shape. The shown knees joints are at prototype stage, it may vary and will not be constructed with metallic bars. Matching skin tone joint parts will be used for the final products.


We really hope all owners of a Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy doll will support us again but also new customers. Out Collector Figures is a serious company making toys for whoever likes fantasy male anatomy based figures and we want to bring you the best for the future. Your help is needed to go faster and further !

For now, our team (Our sculptor Devendra, our modeler Alonso and I) send you kitty hugs !

– Patrick (CEO)

–> Direct link to the Kickstarter campaign

******************BONUS SECTION**********************

Maybe it would be great to show you a bit more of the stretch goals !
Here is a look at the “My Blue Bear” Kickstarter exclusive head unlocked at 50 000 euros and at the Meow Meow hot print unlocked at 55 000 euros.



5 thoughts on “Meow Meow’s Kickstarter campaign

    1. We see your point but seamless bodies are not durable and clothes are very difficult to put on. Also the separation with hands and feet is not really nice… Not our thing ^^

    1. Because we make low runs for our figures and the more articulations, the more pieces, the more moulds, the more costs. It is too expensive for us to articulate the whole body.

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