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Tossa Tossa and friends, what could the future be…

Posted On January 5, 2017 at 3:15 pm by / 19 Comments

Hello Tossa Tossa fans ! (Patrick speaking)

We all love Tossa Tossa and of course, when it comes to creating a character, other ideas come to mind. All starts with concept arts and among tryouts and researches, some interesting profiles pop up. You may already yourself have thought of other characters and so did I !

Many could happen if Tossa Tossa does well. Not only new versions of Tossa Tossa, new outfits and new accessory sets but also new friends and family.

The first character to be in the list of eventually produced dolls is Meow Meow. He is the best friend and confident of Tossa Tossa. With his beautiful afro hairstyle, he is cute, funny and so sexy ! There are several alternate heads to be seen on the concept but due to production costs, only one would happen. Meow Meow would also have a dark or tanned skin and new body type. He is a very cool guy and his outfit shows that part of his personality. He likes to be at ease but he has his style ! You may also have noticed he is a kitty and loves contact… Who would not love a kitty guy at home ?


A new family member is also a solid first character for the beginning of a line-up. Otou Tossa, the younger brother of Tossa Tossa came naturally to my mind. Even if I thought he could be more chubby, I loved the idea of a sexy geek guy with a young man body type. You know, the boy next door who loves computers and comics more than having a boyfriend but who is sexy as hell ! Otou is quite muscular and small but he is still a little bear and he needed to be hairy. He would also get an alternate head with no facial hair (to look younger) and a man bun. His glasses should adapt to both heads.


Honnestly, the Out Collector Figures team cannot wait to know what you think of these two characters. Which one do you prefer ? Would you buy them ? Also, what type of other guys would you like to see ? When the time of a second character will come, it will probably be a fan’s choice, so please leave your comments on the post, I will answer you.

-Patrick G.

19 thoughts on “Tossa Tossa and friends, what could the future be…

  1. Wow! I love Meow Meow! Alternate head 2 is the best for me 😀
    While about Otou Tossa I like his outfit more than Meow Meows’s one, both the heads have good style (maybe I prefer the alternate with the man bun). I like the fact that he is wearing glasses.
    Meow Meow is more charming to me, Otou Tossa is really cute!
    I hope to have them all! TOP TOP TOP!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Francesco ! I think Meow Meow and Otou Tossa would have the same size. Their clothes should be compatible so if both happen, you can switch the outfits !

  2. So far you guys have nailed it!

    I can’t wait to see the fashion paks and accessories!

    I would like to see a limited seasonal release of outfits, Christmas, valentines, Easter, Halloween etc

    There could even be a Tossa Tossa Older Polar Bear cousin from the North Pole who visits in December
    Complete with red trimmed furry coat that just barely changed vets his barrel chest n big belly

    I would also love to see a fold up camping bed and accessories

    Tossa Tossa and friends could have mix n max fadhions too
    Eg ripped shorts, tank top, t-shirts with logo’s (could be part of fun promotions for Pride events) workout gear, leather chaps etc

    Hugs xxx

    1. We don’t know if all dolls would get accessory packs because it depends on the success of the line but we would propably manufacture them all with removable privates. Thanks for your feedbacks guys !

  3. I love Otou Tossa. Though I think the legs should at least bend into a seated position if possible. The more articulation the better. And perhaps a military cut as an option. Thanks

  4. Love the beginning of Tossa Tossa’s family and friends. I hope they’ll be numerous in the future (well, not a far future)
    Meow and Otou are great. If you can think about accessory pack for them too. Otou could have more sexy clothes…hehe
    Thanks a lot

  5. I would buy Otou Tossa in a blink! 😀 He looks so cute.
    Poseability even in basic (like being able to sit and stand) would be great to have.
    It seems you have endless amount of styles to add; as well as cousin polar bear, there are also brown bears and black bears… 🙂 Plus tons of other animal characters. For me the more round shaped bear characters were nicer than the kitty boy pictured. I wouldn´t buy Meaow Meaow, not my style. But for sure many like him! 🙂

    1. I am very happy you like Otou Tossa. We promise we will study leg articulations for future dolls are you all seem to want it. Indeed there are many other animals and body types we could make. So much fun in the future !

  6. I just ordered Tossa Tossa today after seeing him advertised in a DNA magazine. I can’t wait to get him! I will faithfully follow all of your work, guys. Honestly, I love both of the ideas you have here. A Black Cat and a Little Brother? Perfect! How about an Otter Man?

  7. Thank you very much Paul ! We are happy to have you in our plastic guys community ! An Otter man ? Why not, it is totally possible !

  8. I’ve just discovered your site and love your dolls and ideas.How about a ginger version of meow meow, a sort of ginger Tom cat. Always up for a bit of reading head appreciation. Or Panda both traditional and red version maybe?

  9. Really late, but if you’re still taking suggestions, I think after Meow Meow, a cute Asian Lion/Tiger/Mouse man would be cool 🙂 slender, average height, shaggy hair, cute aloof eyes

  10. I admit that I keep checking your page time by time for the news of Otou Tossa… I hope you haven´t forgot him totally. 🙂 The cute little bro of Tossa´s still tugs my heart.

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