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What could the future of Meow Meow My Kitty Friend possibly be

Posted On October 18, 2018 at 5:26 pm by / 25 Comments

After a unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign, the future of the Meow Meow My Kitty Friend figure is quite uncertain.

While we are making decisions about him, we can thank warmly all the fans who preordered him on Kickstarter and decided to become funders of the production.

What we know is the future of Meow Meow would be a bit different if we would decide to make him happen. The figure would be modified, mainly the body. He may have a new conception closer to Tossa Tossa whith the advantages and disadvantages it includes. With Meow Meow, we have wanted to make what we thought the majority would want adding articulations but it made production costs higher and the project more difficult to lead to success. Now we know the loudest are not necessarily the buyers.

As we had chosen to do with Tossa Tossa, the sculpt of Meow Meow might be kept pure and beautiful with restricted articulations. Also, the body hair may be revised and one head might disappear. Of course, we will try to keep the two skin tones because both have known equal popularity among fans. To people who thought “Caramelicious” and “Chocolicious” are a bit stigmatizing terms, we can tell  you Tossa Tossa is totally “Vanillicious” but as he comes in one and only skin tone we did not have to specify it !

We now have no further information to share about Meow Meow My Kitty Friend Renew but we certainly will keep in mind our Kitty Friend because working on him have made us very bounded to this cuttie. We also think he is such an amazing friend for Tossa Tossa and he is part of the family. We will of course let know everybody on social networks when a prototype of Meow Meow Renew shows up.

Once again, we send a million hugs to the 104 funders who believed in us in this new adventure ! Let’s go for more !

– The OCF team

25 thoughts on “What could the future of Meow Meow My Kitty Friend possibly be

  1. Thank you so much for the news!! I’m planning on buy you Tossa Tossa Deluxe Edition and Summer accesories on November and for sure I buy Meow Meow if it finally goes on sale 😉
    Personally I think its an a great idea to make Meow Meow without leg articulations, because Tossa Tossa don’t have it and it’s best to make them similar. About the body hair I think Meow Meow should be hairless (to differenciate Tossa Tossa and him). And finally about the adiccional head…if its not possible to make it I think it’s better to do another one sleeping to put Tossa Tossa and Meow Meow sleeping together ;).
    Thank you so much to make our dreams come true Patrick!! 😉

  2. Sorry!! Another suggestion that would perhaps cheapen production costs it’s you can make the two versions (caramelicious and chocolicious) with the same eye colour.
    I think it’s better to do it with blue eyes in both versions to really differenciate of Tossa Tossa….I see the Chocolicious edition very appetizing, but I would not like it to have the same eye colour as Tossa Tossa …; )

    1. Making different eyes colour is not the most expensive thing. Choco Meow’s eyes are brown and Tossa’s are amber.Tossa Tossa already has blue eyes in Hot Summer packs…

      1. Thanks for your answer!! It’s great to know Tossa and Choco Meow’s eyes are different!! 😉 In the pics I can’t really aprecciate.
        Hopefully Meow Meow will come true, without joints in the legs and without hair in the chest and / or arms. Will be great!!

  3. Patrick iam still promoting him and Tossa-Tossa here in the U.S. so i’m getting word out about him here on my side of the pond so don’t worry boo I got you, and hope that you can come to Chicago next year to a Tossa-Tossa & Meow-Meow Promotion party introduce him here this side of the pond and you know I love you for my Tossa-Tossa doll (my birthday present), also make sure that you check with your local Public Library to find out about Grant foundations that offer Grants to small businesses like yours and find out how to do import/export and starting a U.S. distribution, here in the U.S. (Chicago or New York or both) so hang in there.

  4. And Remember Patrick, don’t worry about the haters out there that are hating on Meow-Meow, there are sometimes
    you just can’t please everybody, so stay strong and focused.

    1. Hello ! We are now revising the doll hoping to offer him soon on preorder. Some articulations changes may happen. Thank you soooo much for your support !

      1. I actually loved him because he had an amazing looking body and face! Why are you changing it? For me it’s one of the best looking dolls out there! The reason why I was drawn to him!

        1. His body will be the same, the face too. We would only articulate him like Tossa Tossa to lower production costs and make some modifications on body hair per customers request. We also hope to offer a lower price.

          1. It’d be amazing to keep all the features, and change by request the body hair and the leg articulations then! I personally loved both heads, and I will be pleased if they are not modified in any way! As you’ve mentioned in the post both skin-tones were well received. I also love his physique and I think that having a doll that has such a pretty physique will be amazing! I am looking forward to having the doll stand on my shelf!

          2. Also I’ve noticed that there is a difference between how the arms of the Tossa Tossa and Meow Meow are placed! I really loved how the arms are positioned into the torso of Meow Meow. It’d be appreciated if that doesn’t change as well!

        1. We doubt we would go into production with the version that has been offered last month knowing we had only 104 backers and we would have needed 200 more. That said, we are still working on the new version and will not be much different. People who liked the first one should also like the new one.

          1. That’s all from me! I will be keeping an eye on the progression and I wish you all the best! You’re currently the only one producing such amazing looking dolls!

  5. Hi Patrick, I’m a huge Fan of your magnificent toy line, however I didn’t fall in love with the Kitty Version like I did the My Bear Guy line. I’m no expert but just an idea. Do you have any other concepts available for us to view and select from in a Poll perhaps? I know you polled around other concepts but to maybe see some of these and place pre-orders would be awesome 👍 I’m all for supporting your great work and being able to purchase what I really like the look of would be amazing!!!

    1. Yo Gary ! I am sorry you did not like Meow Meow, still we are not giving up on him ^^ Yes we have polled around and the third guy coming will be the bull per fan’s choice request. However, we still have work to fully prototype him and he will need some popularity because of more articulated arms and costy production. We still have to make decisions with no right for mistakes !

      1. Bull sounds incredible Patrick!! I will look forward to seeing how you bring him to Figure Form. Keep up the amazing work, I’m a 100% true fan 😍👍

  6. Where was the survey for the third guy and what options were there? I do not know what to think about a bull boy … until now Tossa and Meow I like them a lot, but a bull boy? …. I’ll wait to see the prototype …

  7. Hey again! I just wanted to know how long approximately do we have to wait for the next Meow Meow to appear to make sure I am all ready! When can we expect it? Next year? If next year, approximately when? Thx!

  8. I would love to own the Kitty friend. I think he is a beautiful doll. But I think you would keep the leg articulation. I really hope you make him. As I said I would love to own him. He would make a perfect addition to my doll collection!

  9. I’m so looking forward to getting both colours in the kitty version. I’m sure if you put him on here he will fly!

    Keep up the amazing work, We’re on the edge of our seats! 😉

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