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  • Meow Meow My Kitty Friend (Chocolate skin tone version)


    Meow Meow My Kitty Friend is a cute and sexy man doll. He has all you can dream about ! With his cat ears, he has a touch of kawaii and waits for you to cuddle his awesome muscular body ! The head is ball jointed and can turn at 360°. The arms can rotate and lift and the ball jointed torso allows more attitudes! The figure and accessories are made of PVC and fabrics. Manufactured in China. Approximately 21mm in height.

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    Product Description

    Get the “chocolate” edition of Meow Meow. The skin tone is black completion, eyes are brown. The set includes 1 Meow Meow doll with 1 removeable head (attached dread locks), 2 genitals parts, 1 T-shirt, 1 denim overall, 1 underwear  and a pair of shoes.300 copies only worldwide.



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