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  • Bobby Bull Hot as Hell!


    Out Collector Figures proudly presents the fantasy versions of their guys: the first to be re-imagined is Bobby Bull coming in a demon prince of hell interpretation! It is so much fun to see him appear with a coral red skin tone, flammed crowned horns and a legendary sword! We hope you will love our guys going a fantasy way, creating space for new paths of  your imagination!
    The head is ball jointed and can turn at 360°. The arms can rotate and lift and the ball jointed torso allows more attitudes! For the first time, we have added ball joints at hands and elbows artiuculations. The figure and accessories are made of PVC and fabrics. Manufactured in China. Approximately 23,5 cm in height.


    Product Description

    Get Bobby Hot as Hell!, a fantasy DX version of Bobby Bull. The set includes 1 Bobby Bull doll, 2 removeable heads with swappable horns, 2 genitals parts, 1 loin cloth, 1 pair of demon hands, 1 flammed sword.



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