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  • Tossa Tossa Way of the samurai


    Now in stock.

    Limited Edition: 250 copies Worldwide.

    Tossa Tossa Way of the samurai is a 1/6 scale resin statue. As a timber bear, Tossa Tossa does a trip to Japan and learns how to cut trees in a blink!

    The first release of the Hi Guys! OCF Fine Art Statues features a detailed and hot Tossa Tossa dressed in a decorated kimono top, traditionnal fundoshi and gettas. A fantasy coloured decor features a peaceful corner of the forest where Tossa Tossa can rest near a pure river. His faithful Katana called “Daddy” is waiting for more work, well placed in a tree trunk.

    *Please note pictures present a prototype. Final product’s details and colours may vary.



    Product Description

    Please note every Tossa Tossa Way of the samurai statue is hand painted and numbered.

    Height: Approx 35 cm.
    Weight: Approx 2 Kg.
    Material: Polystone resin

    Concept artist: Patrick Grange
    Sculptor: El Iguana de la Muerte
    Artistic supervision: Patrick Grange
    Painter: Patrick Grange

    Limited to 250 pcs worldwide.