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  • Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy V.2 Deluxe Edition


    Get the Deluxe edition of Tossa Tossa v.2 :

    The set includes 1 Tossa Tossa doll with 2 removeable heads and 2 penises, 1 hand axe, 1 axe holster, 1 tank top, 1 waistcoat, 1 short, 1 pair of boots, 2 pair of hands (Regular Edition outfit not included).


    Product Description

    Almost 6 years after the release of our fist Tossa Tossa doll, the iconic bear guy is back! Out Collector Figures is proud to announce the preorder of Tossa Tossa V.2! Don’t miss this new limited edition!

    Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy is a cute and sexy man doll. He has all you can dream about ! With his real bear ears, he has a touch of kawaii and waits you to cuddle his awesome muscular body ! As bears live in forest, Tossa Tossa got a timber look for his second appearance !The head is ball jointed and can turn at 360°. New ball joints have been added at shoulder, elbows can flex and the torso can rotate!  The figure and accessories are made of PVC, ABS and features new POM joints for a maximum of durability.  Manufactured in China. Approximately 24 mm in height.
    Edition size: 800 pcs worldwide.