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  • Super Tossa Tossa v.2


    Get this limited Super Tossa Tossa v.2. The set includes 1 Tossa Tossa V.2 doll with removeable head, 1 harness, 1 jockstrap and 1 pair of green boots.
    The figure is a mix and match of a v.2 body and a dead stock of the Super Tossa not for sale head and penis. It is the last opportunity to get a Super Tossa version!

    Limited to 15 pcs worldwide.

    Out of stock

    Product Description

    Tossa Tossa My Bear Guy is a cute and sexy man doll. He has all you can dream about ! With his real bear ears, he has a touch of kawaii and waits you to cuddle his awesome muscular body ! The figure and accessories are made of PVC and fabrics. Manufactured in China. Clothes set manufactured in Colombia. Approximately 225mm in height.

    Compatible with Hot Summer accessories packs and 1st Editions.